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Protocols for action to combat school attendance problems in Italy

Report Italy protocols for action

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the protocols for action to combat school absenteeism in Italy. In this country we are not at year zero in the fight against school dispersion, but rather many indications and proposals, already collected and disseminated in previous years, have not yet found a frame of reference, a direction, a common definition of governance, or systematic responses. Many experiences and reflections have not been fully taken into account, but already point to possible solutions. For this reason, in 2022, the Authority Guarantor for Childhood and Adolescence (AGIA), promoted the realization of a wellknown survey on the phenomenon of Early School Leaving (ESL) in Italy. The aim of this work is twofold: on the one hand, to take stock of the Italian situation and the institutional initiatives proposed so far; on the other hand, to make proposals and suggestions, through a series of recommendations, both from the territory and from the educational institution, in order to reduce ESL.