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Protocols for action to combat school attendance problems in Spain

Report Spain protocols for action

The aim of this report is to analyse and compile information on the different action protocols designed to prevent and/or reduce scholar absenteeism in Spain. Following this line, it proceeds to gather information about: (a) the title and year of publication; (b) authorship; (c) proposed objectives; (d) target population; (e) terms and definitions used for the casuistry; (f) professionals responsible for implementing the programme; (g) the procedure followed according to the guidelines; (h) required and/or included materials in the programme; and the evaluation process. Given the complexity of the problem of absenteeism, the Spanish territory has a representation of each autonomous community or city in the implementation of protocols to address this challenging problem of school attendance, encompassing prevention, intervention and case monitoring. More specifically, considering the identified limitations, it is worth highlighting the relevance of designing a unified action plan that establishes a common diagnostic criteria.